Official channel of Mansoura University

Official channel of Mansoura University, is a platform rich learning the ideas of teachers and methods of explanation and attract an audience of learners, and utilize mutual between all parties is as effective and good for learning that will allow modular video series meets the sound with the picture and information to form a unity learning attractive and this Unlike learning from books, and is production and management of those units by the studio unit of e-learning university and using the latest technology in this field, and in the interest of our students and to serve the educational process and a development of the educational services provided by Mansoura University, and offers of which:  

  • Propaganda films and documentaries.
  • Full coverage of conferences, seminars and workshops.
  • Filming and recording of external and internal academic lectures. 
  • Modules for the purpose of education and training.

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  • Participation is subject to the official channel of Mansoura University to terms and conditions of e-participation Unit in the main e-learning at the university.