E-Learning Unit

ELearning unit was established at Mansoura university to support students and stuff and giving (or supply) them with high information technology to improve the quality of educational services which provided university for whole society and students the main purpose of establishing the unit is to promote and encourage excellence in teaching field & learning and other academic activities.

Mission and Vision

Vision: To become the main unit of e-learning at the University of Mansoura and one of the best local , regional and international units known for their originality and a head start in offering the latest technology and expertise in the field of e-learning for the advancement of higher education , scientific research and community service.

Mission: To promote and support the faculty and students and support members to adapt the communication and information technology to improve the outcomes targeted in Mansoura University of learning, with the creation of new technological opportunities for faculty members and coaches provide an easy learning environment to meet the needs of students, researchers and all members of society without relying on time or place, as well as provide expertise and technical and educational support in the field of e-learning for all educational institutions at the local, regional and international level, and achieved our mission through a commitment to international standards of excellence in e-learning, scientific research and community service areas.


Arab Republic of Egypt, Dakahlia, the city of Mansoura
Mansoura University
Fourth floor, Public administration building

Telephone Numbers:

34 58 20 21 010 2 +

You can communicate with e-learning module on the following e-mail:

Technical Support

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Team work

Director of the UDC Center
Prof.Dr/ Abdul Aziz Fattouh

Director of the Unit
Dr/ Osama Mahmoud El-Saied Aoda

Coordinator of the Unit
Eng /Ahlam Abdullah El-Shahat

Studio responsible
Eng /Ahmed Tharwat Helmy

Moodle & E-Courses responsible
Eng / Eman Mohamed Fadel

Server responsible
Eng / Mona Nader Galal

Administrative responsible
Mrs /Noha Hassan Zidan
Mrs /Asmaa Yousef Abed

Financial responsible
Eng /Hossam Ali El-Saied
Development Unit web pages
Eng / Ayman Adel Al-Attar
Eng / Mona Nader Galal

Unit GPU
Eng / Ahlam Abdullah El-Shahat
Eng / Shimaa Abd El-Razek
Eng / Nour El-Din Mahmoud Ismail

Audiovisual and Multimedia production unit
Eng /Ahmed Tharwat Helmy
Eng /Hossam Ali El-Saied

Instructional Design
Miss /Rana Mahfouz Mohamed Hamdy

Unit e-content development
Eng / Eman Mohamed Fadel
Eng /Hatem Mohamed Abu El-Maati Ghali