Privacy Statment
Unit leader in the field of e-learning at the level of the country of Egypt, our mission to provide the highest and most electronic services to our customers in a satisfactory manner and in a safe and reliable, so that we can, given the special nature of what our services, the personal data you received from your side to us should data is correct, complete and accurate in all respects, but should also give us feedback as soon as you make any change. Please note that this only applies to the site and not on any sites of any other companies or organizations be in touch with e-learning unit. We would like to assure our clients that we are in e-Learning Unit - Mansoura University make the greatest possible effort to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of their data and information أفصحوا them to us, and to this end has devoted a lot of personal efforts and many of the administrative systems and electronics that will maintain and protect their data and maintain , and once again confirms its commitment to e-learning unit, and to prevent any unauthorized person from access to any of such data or information not be disclosed except in accordance with and pursuant to the provisions of the applicable laws. If grown you have any queries regarding the use of your personal data or to protect your rights contained in this Agreement mail, please contact the e-learning corresponded to the following address: