Featuring the gate for other Internet sites with the following characteristics:

  • Provide a very high degree of organization.
  • Provides integrated services with the availability of properties are easy and quick access to the most important topics of interest to students.
  • Lifting the trouble of searching for information on other Internet sites they represent the student gate about all the information you may need. And finding its goal of services they want and without research in many other locations .
  • From which the student can be sent these links to his colleagues.

Sake of Mansoura University to improve the quality of their outputs educational and help students achieve higher grades, designed this service to facilitate student access to previous exams, and this represents the warehouse database for exams earlier can be searched by the college and the department or the name of Dr. article or a year exam.
Warehouse previous exams
Represents the e-portal (e-portal) Specialized database for students and researchers, they form their starting point to connect to other Internet sites, and of the function it is kebab open overlooking the student from the world of information and educational resources offered by the Internet, and input uniform for a wide range of electronic services or applications that share among students in their field and served in several forms.
Official channel of Mansoura University, is a platform rich learning the ideas of teachers and methods of explanation and attract an audience of learners, and utilize mutual between all parties is as effective and good for learning that will allow modular video series meets the sound with the picture and information to form a unity learning attractive and this Unlike learn from books.
Channel Mansoura University