Creativity-mail is not a coincidence, but the result is the inevitable result of the scientific basis and follow the rules, and the most important of these rules to participate in thought and provide an opportunity to obtain the information. Has changed the concept of education in recent years and has become a dependence on information and communications technology one important pillar from which the concept of e-learning to talk and become information and communication revolution in the management of change decisively, and became the currently available through the e-learning system perform basic foundation in education (tests where allowed e-learning system for the faculty member a chance to hold the exam on the website of the decision which facilitates the process of correcting the teacher testing and monitoring of results where this process is automated.

General Goals
Unit aims of e-learning in the exam-mail to the existence of a centralized and a clear mechanism for the tests so that makes it easier for a faculty member booked the test date and conduct and provide technical support to member get member on the results of his students easily and safely while maintaining the confidentiality of the questions and results.
Steps taken to conduct the exam-mail:
1 - Coordination with the e-learning module on how to raise test on a systems available by the unit.
2 - to communicate with the e-learning module to book a test date by e-mail and follow-up booking number 00201021205834.
3 - Fill out the form for the tests on the Moodle system in compliance with the terms of an existing test model.
4 - is delivered as a result of the test unit based e-learning Mansoura University.
General Features
• The possibility to control the level of difficulty of the questions.
• Accounts of the student and the teacher and director of the site is protected with a user name and password is encrypted.
• Is defined numbers only certain devices (IPs) to enter the test.
• The ability to print students' answers after the completion of the exam
• Show results immediately after the exam performance through a printed report answers the student and the degree to which obtained.
• Reduce the chances of cheating in exams through the multiplicity of models exam among students, as well as the different order of the questions and the order of the answers.
• Enable faculty members to follow the students' grades and thus more easily accessible to the strong and weak elements in the collection of scientific material for students and then developed better.
•In courses geared to large numbers of students to use e-exam provides material costs for conventional examinations of papers and printing, as well as saving time and effort that goes into the control and corrective actions, as well as to ensure justice in the evaluation
General guidance
1- The teacher should try to experiment and test before testing to avoid any error may occur due to inappropriate setting.
2- The teacher must coordinate with the e-learning module to schedule his experiments, and to find plants suitable to him if possible a week ago, and at least one of the test date.
3- Moderators are provided for testing by the teacher according to the number of students and laboratories reserved.
4- Verification of the presence of the student and his or her identity, and sign in and out of the system is the responsibility of the teacher or the observer.
5- Any error occurs during the preparation of the tests, such as choosing the wrong option or setting that leads to unacceptable results is the responsibility of the teacher.
6- Responsibility for e-Learning Unit during electronic tests is limited to providing technical support only.
7- The teacher should provide a paper copy of at least one of the test for use in case of an emergency.