At this stage we are following:
A- Content management, both former production modules or full courses through the learning management system Moodle.
B- Create pages on the learning management system Moodle raised by any scientific content chosen by the teacher in any form, whether Word, PDF, Powerpoint, Flash, Image ... etc..

Learning management system Moodle : One is the e-learning management systems (open source) is designed on the basis of educational help for the instructor to provide e-learning environment. The system provides for the instructor and the possibility of creating its own site design easily and conveniently scheduled for the management of electronic format.

General specifications of the system:
Can serve (Model) umbrella (40,000) thousand students.
Site system features (75000) registered users.
The system supports 45 languages ​​(which is fully parsed).
Is now used in the (138) state.
In terms of technology, the system was designed using the language (PHP) and databases (MySQL).
Coach granting the possibility of selecting the appropriate method of education for trainees.
The system supports global standard for the design of e-courses (SCORM).
Instructional design possibilities offered by the system:
Courses can be placed in multiple system
Appointment of teachers and teaching assistants to decision.
Download source code to the site, and put links to research centers, and sites related to the content of the decision.
The development of scientific references for each school decision
The system allows several options for the instructor to choose the appropriate method in teaching the course.
Student records management capabilities:
The system allows the Director recording large numbers of students from an external file.
The system can be configured professor student groups.
The potential of the system in continuous evaluation of students.
Record attendance for students.
There is a property in the system monitor the activities of students within the scheduled.
The system can be a professor of design objective tests.
Professor system helps in the development of the tasks and duties.
The system allows the possibility of exchanging send files duties and research among its users.
There is a property in the system enables the student to know the level of school performance.
The system allows the instructor to design and deploy referendums.
The potential for communication between teacher and students.
The system enables users to communicate via private messaging within the decision.
There in the forum for dialogue between students and faculty.
There in the forum for dialogue between faculty members, including.
The system enables simultaneous communication between users via chat rooms propertys.
The potential for control and management system.
You can not access the system, but to get a user name and password for a private system.
There are wide powers to the system administrator, and professor of decision.
There is a property control system in all matters relating to the educational process using the property agenda for the decision.