At this stage we are following:
A – Converting full courses to e-courses format.
B- Converting one or more component of course to eLearning object
e-course characterized by the following specifications:
- Appling Supreme Council of Universities criteria & international criteria.
- Representing e-course in different shapes (text – picture – charts – video – drawing & still images).
- Interactive educational simulation and virtual reality.
- Serves as a comprehensive learning tool where content is served in a more interesting and attractive and appropriate for all different learning styles

Features digital modules
The learning modules Digital Digital Learning Objects as a new thinking in the field of IT education and learning, which is based on the creativity in the production units Objects new can use both of them in many educational situations and using new applications in the field of information and communication technology, which including software Flash Flash and treatment images Photoshop, and three-dimensional software Autodesk 3ds Max and others.
As the digital learning modules on the idea of ​​re-use Re Use of learning units have been produced by the use of new teaching positions. And thus keep pace with global trends, which calls for the rationalization of consumption, and the re-use or recycle the so-called use.
As is also the idea of ​​learning modules not only use the units have been produced for the purpose of learning situations, but also based on the use of all the units have been produced before, even if it is not produced for the purpose of education, such as images, animations and video clips, which is picked amateur or which produce the same for the purposes of scientific researchers to study the layers of Earth's surface and outer space, corn and interior parts of the human body, and others. Can re-use all of them in teaching positions despite the fact that production was not for the purpose of education in the foundation. The other looks like a modular digital cut cubes small that are used as toys for children, and that the children rebuilt many times to implement the ideas in their minds about the embodiment of the phenomena and places they see in their daily lives, which are similar to the idea of ​​learning modules with digital cubes of children in that both of them can be re-built and used many times, then it can be for teachers, lecturers and trainers reuse these modules are so many times in the positions of different categories of learning materials and various topics.
The writings, which revolve around the idea of ​​learning modules serves as a guide for the consideration of the human to the buried treasures scattered among individuals and institutions, at all levels, where a large inventory of existing units alone whether producing them for the purpose of education or produced in the non-position tutorial, which need to be collected, organized, developed and re-use in achieving many of the goals of education.
Mechanism for the development of educational content


But you have to click on a link Request to develop educational content Top left of the page and fill in the required data and the unit will respond to you and communicate with you and then be thrust to the center of the production of electronic courses to do the necessary procedures at the following address:
Mansoura University - Public Administration - Center production of electronic courses - fourth round

As the members of the faculty, Mansoura University, wishing their courses in the production of electronic depending of the Supreme Council of Universities, what they should not click on a link Asked to develop a course