Previous warehouse exams

Sake of Mansoura University to improve the quality of their outputs educational and help students achieve higher grades, designed this service to facilitate student access to previous exams, and this represents the warehouse database for exams earlier can be searched by the college and the department or the name of Dr. article or a year exam. And the service is updated constantly, and we will try to successively add answers typical of those examinations in the case be made available to us.

Program Features

- Enables the user (the student) access to all previous examinations for colleges as well as knowledge of other exams added.
       - All exams archived by the college and the department and the band and the material and the year the exam, which provides easy access for the exam required
       - Access to exams previous years of the department and the band belongs to them.
       - The possibility of sending a request to obtain a course exams are.
       - Get the model answers for the exams.
       - The possibility of communication between other students to write exams