Basics of electronic publishing
Basics of electronic publishing
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    Unit granted a limited license eLearning allowed to enter this site and his personal use with no reloading or modify the site or any part thereof (except for the hidden page) without the express written consent of the e-learning module. This does not include the license license re-sale of this site, or its contents, or use commercial use; also does not include any collection or use of one of the views of the site, or any use of sub-derivative of this site or its contents; or any downloading or copying of information available about the account for the benefit of others; or the use of data mining, robots, or collection tools and similar data extraction. May not reproduce or make an exact copy, copy, sell, resell or visit this site or any part of it or use it differently for the purposes of commercial exploitation of his or non-commercial without the express written consent of the e-learning module. It also may not work within the site, or use the methods of work of tires to include any trademark, logo, or other information privately owned unit of e-learning (including images, text, and methods of page layout, or forms) without the express written consent. You may not use any descriptive signs or other "hidden text" which exploits the name and e-learning module or trademarks without the express written consent of E-Learning Unit. All unauthorized use of this Site will terminate the permission or license granted by the e-learning module. Was also gave you a really limited and irrevocable, non-exclusive allows you to establish a link text forked leads to the home page of the unity of e-learning as long as the link does not portray the unity of e-learning or their products or services in a way deceptive or false, misleading or station of or insulting her in another way. You may not use the logo and e-learning unit, or any other fee or other brand privately owned unit of e-learning as part of the link without express written permission.

    Can be performed visitors to submit their suggestions, ideas and comments, questions or any other information to the extent that does not contain where these contents on the illegal information or obscene language or involve threats or shell or constitute an assault on privacy or a violation and infringement of intellectual property rights or harmful manner other rights a third party or an objection or refusal consists of programs that contain viruses or form part of a political campaign or ad swaying way or serial letters, mass mail or any form of spam "spam." You may not use a false e-mail address or impersonate any other person or entity or be given misleading information in some other way on the origin of the message or any other content. The unit maintains e-learning the right (but not the obligation) to delete or modify this content but do not adhere to revise the content that is sent to the site on a regular basis.

    By sending any content or make your contribution to the site - unless we Bavadtk otherwise - you agree to grant the unit of e-learning right is exclusive and free of royalties, permanent and non-revocable addition to the waiver of the right to use, reproduce, modify, perform or publish or translate, create derivative works, distribute and display your contributions and produced for the public in various parts of the world in any media now known or later developed. As well as grants and e-learning unit the right to use the name that offer content in relation to this or that contribution in the case of your choice to do so. You also represent and warrant that you own or control the other way in all the rights to the content that you send or advanced; also represent and warrant accuracy and validity of the content and use of the content provided without prejudice to this policy and will not cause harm to any person or entity, and that you will indemnify and Education Unit mail and all its affiliates from all claims arising from the content that you have to provide. The unit owns eLearning right, not obligation to monitor and edit or delete any activity or contribution or content does not conform with the terms and conditions for e-learning unit set forth in this document. Unit shall not be responsible for any eLearning content is sent on its either by you or by others as bears no legal responsibility for it.

    Because the unit of e-learning respect intellectual property rights of others, we ask you if you have noticed that it has been copied any part of the intellectual property right in any form, which constitutes a violation of the right of publication and an infringement of it, that you contact the unity of e-learning at the following address:

    Is providing the site based on submission "as is" and "according to the availability of" Without that unit offers e-learning any representations or warranties of any kind, whether implicit or explicit regarding the use of this site or its content or materials on it, and you expressly agree that you use This site is at your own risk. The e-learning module denies full legal liability that may arise from the use of this site, whether implicit or explicit, to the maximum extent permitted by law. E-learning unit does not offer any guarantees of a gap in this site or online service delivery network from viruses or other harmful components. There will be e-learning unit is legally responsible for the loss or damage of any kind arising from the use of this site, including but not limited to direct damages and indirect disciplinary and emergency and dependency.

    governing law
    By visiting the site and e-learning unit, you acknowledge that the terms and conditions set forth in this document is subject to the provisions of the laws in force in Egypt without regard to the resolution of the conflict of laws rules, also subject to any dispute that may arise to the Egyptian jurisdiction.

    Warns of e-learning unit of any fraudulent private communications by e-mail (no e-mail is the official e-mail e-learning unit ) is sent to members. Is the claim that such communications sent on behalf of the e-learning unit with the use of the name and mark of e-learning unit. Usually these claims unofficial communications business presentations and job opportunities or indicate that the addressee has won the contest or to withdraw. E-learning unit not authorized and is not responsible for these contacts and advises individuals to beware of any request / question about the personal or confidential information.